Open A Dispensary

Opening a dispensary consist of many moving parts. That’s why it’s important to plan and prepare for the jump start. If you want to open a dispensary there are some essential steps that you must be mindful of. It’s important that while dealing with a new industry that you are aware of the regulatory concerns for your region. We save you the time of having to do all the research and covering your hide. You may also not be interested in opening a retail location and opt for offering your customers an online experience or it may be just the opposite for you. BloomKit can help with either of those scenarios with our power digital tools


Customer Frequency

November 50%
December 75%
January 100%

Tools for the Trade


Your product mix is half of the battle. Managing a dispensary requires tools to maximize efficiency. Bloomkit’s platform considers all aspects of your cannabis business and ensures all the aspects of your business work together.

Oh Canada


Canada has had a very progressive stance on supporting the development of the cannabis industry. Currently, there are an astounding amount of dispensaries operating throughout Canada, As the country pushes towards full legalization the result of the reality is that many of the guidelines are already established. Bloomkit has piloted cannabis businesses from small and large cannabis.